Laurel Grove Sewer Rehabilitation Project


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Bid Date5/21/20 2:00pm

Company & Contacts

Ross Valley Sanitary District
Steven M. Moore  

• Open cut construction of approximately 106 linear feet (LF) of 16-inch-diameter sanitary sewer main and installation of approximately 16 LF of 24-inch steel casing in Sir Francis Drake Boulevard and Laurel Grove Ave. This portion of the work and all necessary related work items will be required to be completed as a first order of work on a strict schedule and is required to be night work.
• Pipe Burst pipe rehabilitation of approximately 3820 LF of 8, 10 and 12 inch-diameter sanitary sewer main in Laurel Grove Ave and Hanken Drive.
• Open cut construction of approximately 256 LF of 10-inch-diameter sanitary sewer main in Quisisana Drive and install storm drain pipe protection and open cut construction sag repair of approximately 185 LF of 8-inch-diameter sanitary sewer main in Hanken Drive.
• Lower lateral reconnections (Approx. 24) and replacements (Approx. 58, sewer main to property line), cleanout installation, and reconnection to the rehabilitated sewer main for ap-proximately 82 existing side sewer (lateral) connections throughout the project.
• Construction of new standard 60-inch-diameter sanitary sewer manholes (MH), connections to existing MHs, rehabilitation of MHs, and replacement of frames and covers on MHs.
• Abandonment of an existing sanitary sewer MH.
• Utility potholes, CCTV inspection, sewage flow control, traffic control, site restoration including landscaping, curb, gutter and sidewalk restoration, and pavement restoration, concrete street restoration, striping, among other auxiliary items of work.