FY 2020/21 Gravity Sewer Improvement Project

The projects generally described as follows: construct new diversion sanitary sewer pipelines and replace existing pipelines by open-cut and removal and replacement (~4,550 LF), replacing existing sanitary sewer by pipe bursting (~5,250 LF), rehabilitating existing sewer by cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) (720LF), including sawcut, excavation and backfill, shoring, replacing laterals, disconnecting and reinstating lateral connections, abandoning existing sewer pipelines and manholes, removing existing cleanouts and manholes, constructing new manholes and property line cleanouts, asphalt concrete pavement restoration, CCTV inspection, traffic control, project signs, and bypass pumping of sanitary sewer flow. All of said work is to be done in accordance with the Contract Documents as described above, at the places and in the particular locations, of the form, sizes and dimensions and of the materials, and to the lines and grades and at the elevations as shown on the Plans and Specifications made therefore and approved by the District.
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